Final Sprint

Part of the last Sprint 4 was completed today, as well. Tomorrow is the last, performance step.



BurnDown Chart

As you can see from our Burndown chart we have managed to finish all planned tasks on time. There was time when we were a little bit behind, but we manage to overcome this and perform in our best! 🙂


ER Diagram – Last Version

The ER Diagram present our concept and how if we create a Data Base to control the sale of the Game (or the other variations of the game). The market chain (the clients of the game) is through B2B and which branches are the Danish Hunting Association and Jaguar Gruppen, with possibilities for expansion. These business connect the product (the game) with the final consumers and keep record of them for possible conection with them later (send some new promotional materials or additions for the game).


Game presentation_new

Last Scrum Meeting



Since tomorrow is the day of the exhibition, today is out Last Scrum Meeting and Overview of the Sprint 3. The tasks for today:

    1. We will finish our presentation

    2. And we are going to print the material for the exhibition

    3. We will make our funny group video 😀

    4. Print advertising and app poster.



There is something in the air…


Today we were not in our best productive shape. Half of the group was absent because of sickness. They did work from home ,but it is hard to comunicate when not present. The rest of us tried to work on the tasks planned for today, including:

  • New StoryBoard for the video
  • App Mockups – Screenshot design, Logo, Icon
  • Content Marketing – content Facebook Post

Tomorrow we are going to try to be more efficient and finilize the presentation and all necessary materials for the exhibition.